Ear Protection for Hunting Dogs


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Hi, Archer here again with another Boxer Brief!

This is to address all of my canine friends who love to hunt birds with their best human friends.

Yes this includes the Sporting Groups such as:

Spaniels:  Brittany, American Water, Clumber, Cocker, English Cocker, English Springer, Field, Irish Water, Sussex, Welsh Springer

Pointers: German Shorthair, German Wirehaired

Retrievers: Chesapeake, Curly-Coated, Flat-Coated, Golden, Labrador, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling

Setters: English, Gordon, Irish

Other Sporting Friends include: Spinone Italiano, Vizsla, Weimaraner, and Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

When chasing down that bird or other fowl, it’s a real pain in the Ear Flap to get your ear nicked.  Some of the perils that our Ears’ face, are things such as bramble, briar, barbed wire or sharp broken saplings, just to name a few.

Scenario: You have gone out into the wilderness with your best pal to explore and chase all kinds of fun things.  As you are frolicking freely through the bushes and fields, you suddenly feel a sharp pain on your ear flap. OUCH, YELP!!! You smell and feel blood dripping off of the tip of your ear.  You have just accidentally sustained a nasty ear flap injury.

Your best human friend gets to you and is very concerned about what he or she sees.  He or She jumps into action. Back to the vehicle you go and the human opens up the canine emergency medical field kit. It is full of sticky bandaids, sticky medical tape, rinses, salves, styptic, self- sticking bandaging tape etc. They proceed to make your ear stay still. No more Flapping.

If you have ever had your ear wrapped before, it’s not a fun time for either of you. You have to settle down, hold still, and keep quiet while your best friend cleans the cut applies pressure or pinches your ear flap for several minutes, puts some antibiotic salve in it, or applies styptic powder, puts some sticky band-aids on it and continues to tape your ear to your head with sticky stuff and then wraps your head like a living mummy with even more sticky stuff.  Now you can’t FLAP YOUR EAR temporarily.

We as Canines, all know that if we wriggle and wiggle our heads and necks, this sticky stuff only stays on for a short time. I personally have channeled Harry Houdini on many occasions. Just like Houdini escaping a straight jacket, my magic mission was to ESCAPE THE TAPE or SNAP THE WRAP. I might sound a bit of a braggart, but I always escaped but it wasn’t without more pain. I was usually out of a simple tape wrap in twenty minutes or less. It took me over night to get out of a more complex taped head.  

Should your best friend get you right to the vet, the tape might hold. This is all fine and good until the vet has to remove all the STICKY STUFF so he or she can get a good look at and assess your injury. Sometimes the removal of all this sticky stuff is more painful than the injury itself. This includes all the tender hair that is pulled out because it is stuck to the sticky stuff.

My human Mom invented a quick way to keep me from flapping my injured ear flap.  After an extensive ear flap surgery, I kept getting out of the sticky stuff.  She loved me enough to make me a special hat to stop my ears from flapping.

Normal clotting time for these ear injuries should be between 2-3 minutes, unless we have been running hard. Then it sometimes takes up to five or more minutes.  The clotting is great but can be broken easily by the shaking of our strong necks and heads, forcing more blood out of the ear flap injury.

This special hat (No Flap Ear Wrap) has now helped many of you sporting pups. It has also made life simpler for your owners.  Instead of buying and packing all the expensive sticky stuff, all they need is the rinse, salve, or styptic and the special hat. You can shake your head all you want, but the ear flaps stay still.

Thanks for Your Time


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  • I have seen your product in action and I am looking forward to the ear wrap. Looking forward to my dog being happy without nasty ear issues. This certainly will help the healing. The camouflage color will be perfect for my Blockhead. Hopefully shipping goes well and fast, because We needed this wonder yesterday, lol! Great to invention I must say. We’re heading to Lancaster Pa this weekend and Reily will fit right in.

    Dianne Killian

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