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Pampered Pets

Pampered Pets

You have decided to go to the local rescue and finally adopt that adorable lonely dog that you have visited several times that you can’t get out of your mind.

You have been getting prepared to adopt for some time now.  Your house is pet safe and you have the perfect yard that you are sure will become his private paradise. You have installed your first pet door. (of course, you purchased the most expensive dog bed you could find along with fifty of the best dog toys on the market, the best harness and leash, the healthiest dog food and the cutest toy basket you could find. This only set you back $500)

You are really on your game. You have established the HOUSE RULES:

No dogs on the sofa

No dogs on your bed

No people food

Yes, all the love and care you will ever need

All potty breaks will be outside


Time to go get “Sparky”

Meanwhile, “Sparky” who prefers to be called “Rex” has been preparing to adopt you.

He is really on his game and has established his ABSOLUTE RULES.

The sofa is mine

Your bed is mine

Your hamburger, pizza, steak, chicken, cheese and ice cream are also mine. (hold the pickles, lettuce and onion on that burger)

All my love is yours

All potty breaks will be outside. (unless it is raining, snowing, hailing, too hot, too cold, thundering, too bright or scary dark)

It is now 6 pm and “Sparky” is finally home exploring his furever palace. He is happier than he has ever been. He is a little shy at first but give it some time. You are crying tears of joy. He is now looking at you with his big brown longing, loving eyes while tilting his head making his big floppy ears stand up in the cutest way.


It has now been four hours of total bliss. You have bonded. Now real life begins.

All the cute toys are still overflowing in the super cute basket. His favorite toys are a stick he found outside, that he played with for an hour with until it started to rain, and a crinkled water bottle he found while sifting through the trash in the kitchen. (Stick $ 0, crinkled water bottle $ .25)

40 lb. “Rex” has thoroughly enjoyed sitting on your lap (on the sofa) sharing a pizza with you while watching T.V. He is ready for bed now. You have his expensive new dog bed right next to yours on the floor. Rex sits in it for a minute. The eyes, the ears, the little sigh. Okay just this once. (once lasting the rest of his life) “Rex” loves the queen size mattress and prefers sleeping in the middle at an angle. He also hopes you don’t notice the loving pile of poop he left on the carpet in the living room due to the rain.



You are giving “Rex the best life he could ever imagine. You have had him for 6 years now. He had gained some weight the first year due to all the pizza, burgers etc. but your Veterinarian set you straight on his diet. You discovered (contrary to your belief) that he loves his dog food, some fruits, vegetables and dog treats.

While on a walk the two of come upon an unknown dog running loose on the path. Not a friendly dog, he starts to get rough with “Rex”. After a quick altercation (with you screaming your lungs out) you noticed “Rex” is bleeding from the tip of his ear. Off to the pet hospital emergency room.

After a few hours and six stitches later, “Rex” is out of the emergency room. He is bandaged to stop him from flapping and wearing a protective device to keep him scratching at his ear. Home you go.

The first night is a nightmare.

“Rex” has been whining, crying and running into all stationary objects in the house as he has no peripheral vision. With the protective device, he doesn’t fit through the dog door. You had to let him out three times in the night for potty breaks. This means you are now sleep deprived from comforting him the best you can. Now you notice the self-adhesive bandage has started to slip backward and soon his hurt ear will be exposed. Back to the Vet to get it re-wrapped.

“Rex” with a mind like a steel trap, knows what happened last time he was at the pet hospital, refuses to get out of your vehicle. The struggle is real. You finally win and drag him against his will into the building.

You get back home and you both need some sleep. Those loving longing big brown eyes and that pitiful whimper. (After 6 years “Rex” has become a master manipulator.) You give in to him. His complaining about the protective device is too much for you. You figure that if he is sleeping next to you on the sofa, it will be more comfortable for you and him if you remove it for just a short time. Besides, you are right next to him. Nothing can go wrong. If he moves, you will simply stop him. You figure, after a short snooze you will simply put it back on him.

You wake up after what you think has been a half hour snooze. You look at the clock and three hours have passed. You move to wake “Rex” up and discover he is no longer beside you. You jump to your feet and start searching. OMG!! “Rex” is nowhere in the house. (Of course not. Without the protective device he can again fit through the dog door.)

You find “Rex” lying in the sun, on your deck. He has rubbed against something and pushed his bandage all the way down his neck. The injured ear now has two broken stitches. (probably from scratching) It is now seeping blood on both “Rex” and your deck.

If you had a tail, it would be tucked between your legs. You are so ashamed. You have pampered “Rex” all the way back to the animal hospital. After a stern lecture from the Vet, lesson learned. (we hope)

After a couple of days “Rex” quit complaining and gave up trying to escape the bandaging and protective device. He was depressed and inactive for that ten-day period until the stitches were removed. After that ten-day period, you are still sleep deprived. You have had to endure at least 100 potty breaks. (5 per day were actual potty breaks and all others were daytime squirrel patrol, staring at the moon and keep up with his nightly cat patrol.)

Sidebar: No dog likes to have anything wrapped around their head to contain their ears. But it is necessary for you to keep that ear protected. They will eventually quit complaining.

We have many of these same stories from our customers who have found the NFEW by searching on the web or have been referred to us by their Vet or a friend. (Bonus: We protect and fit through the dog door)