The Hunter's Field Kit - Hunter's Orange

The Hunter's Field Kit - Hunter's Orange

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For measuring instructions, go to *If you have a large breed such as a great dane or mastiff, a custom size may be required. There is no extra charge, and has a one day turn around time. If you have a small breed such as a yorkshire terrier, a custom size may be required as well. Email measurements for a custom order to

The Hunter's Field Kit is the All-In-one solution for your dog's ear injuries in the field. The kit includes antiseptic wipes, styptic (clotting agent), and a No Flap Ear Wrap. Simply clean the wound, apply the styptic to stop the bleeding, and put on the No Flap Ear Wrap to protect the ear from the outside environment, and prevents the ears from flapping and pushing more blood down to the compromised tissue.

Some advantages incude:

  • No need to end your hunting trip early due to an ear injury
  • The No Flap Ear Wrap can be worn for the duration of the healing period keeping the ear protected, and avoiding costly wrapping and re-wrapping fees
  • Can be used for preventitive protection in thorny areas, or to keep cheat grass out from burrowing into the ears
  • Keeps the cab of your truck free from blood splatter
  • Can be hand washed, and re-used next season!