Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you always follow your Veterinarian's advice

I have a Large dog so should I order a Large No Flap Ear Wrap?

This is a great question!!! Just because you have a large dog, that doesn't always mean you should order the Large size. Some dogs that are considered Large might actually have a shorter neck length than other large dogs. Some large dogs have a longer neck. That is why we need you to measure your furry baby before you order. In order for it to work correctly it must fit correctly. If it's too long even after adjustments, it will block the dogs vision. If it is too short the dog can push it back and expose the injured ear. All you need to figure out is the measurement around the base of the neck and the length from an inch above the eyes down to the base of the neck where their collar would rest naturally. Each wrap is adjustable up to 2 inches in length and 4-5 inches around the face and collar. (depending on the size you order) If you have measuring questions, we are here to help. You can contact us at 

What is your return policy?

We offer a full refund if you experience any problems during the first 30 days. The wraps are designed to be a one time use (the duration of healing) product. We do not replace wraps that have been used several times over several months, and are subject to normal wear and tear.

My dog has a large hematoma. Should I use the wrap to avoid surgery, or for post-surgery protection?

 This is a great question, and is one we encourage you to discuss with your veterinarian.  While we have had success in healing the larger hematomas by allowing the blood to reabsorb naturally, the end result is that the ear can have a wrinkled appearance where the hematoma was as the tissue shrinks. This may be worth it to you to avoid the risks of surgery (especially in older dogs). Some customers buy our product  to have on hand then schedule the hematoma to be drained or aspirated before using the NFEW. On the other hand, if you have a show dog, or want to minimize the scarring by taking the surgical route, (lancing and quilting the ear flap) the wrap can be used as post surgery protection. All it takes is escaping the elasticon bandaging and giving one good shake of the head for the hematoma to begin filling up again. As stated before, it is important to discuss these options with your veterinarian so that you can make an informed decision on a treatment plan.

 My dog has an ear surgery scheduled in a week to remove a growth on his ear flap. There will be some stitching. Should I buy the NFEW early and get him use to it?

This is actually the best thing to do. As we know dogs don't always like things attached to their heads such as holiday costumes, bandages etc. If you have the opportunity to acclimate the pup to the NFEW a couple of days ahead of time, he/she will be use to having something wrapped around his/her head. We again suggest that you put it on and take it off several times, leaving it on a little longer each time. You can reward them with a small treat each time you re-attach it, building a positive experience. After purchasing it usually takes three days to arrive in your mail. This will give you at least 2-3 days to ease him/her into wearing it. 

What keeps the wrap from sliding back over the ears?

 The NFEW has sturdy plastics strategically placed in the wrap that forms a skeletal structure for support. Down the back we feature a reinforced spine that is anchored by the plastic in the collar piece.  This prevents the dog from being able to rub or push the wrap back, keeping the ears covered and protected.

 Do I need to completely remove the wrap to apply medication to the ears?

 No, in fact one of the great things about the NFEW is the ease of access for applying medications such as ear drops or ointments. The collar piece can stay attached while the velcro under the chin is undone to gain access to the ear. Once the medication is applied, simply reattach the velcro and the ears are secured again. In addition, this helps keep the medication in the ear because the dog is not able to shake it out. This means no more ear drops being wasted by ending up on the bathroom wall!

 Do you ship next day if we need it sooner?

Whichever option you choose, on the checkout page, where we ask for the breed/mix, please enter the measurements. Also and if we have any questions about the size you ordered we can contact you via email or phone, so feel free to leave a phone #. If you only leave an email, please check it to see if we have contacted you with a question. We want you to get the right fit

We ship USPS priority ($7.49) which usually gets there in 2-3 days depending on where you are located. If you feel you need it sooner you may choose the USPS expedited  shipping ($26) which gets it there either next day or 2 days (again depending on where you are located). If you are located in a more rural area it might take an extra day. For Express shipping orders have to be in by 1 pm mountain time in order to be fulfilled same day. If after 1 pm they will go out the next day. We take priority mail orders until 4 pm mountain time (We are located in Boise Idaho) so if your order comes in after that, it will ship the next day. It is up to you to track your order once you get the tracking #. We are not responsible for any delays the USPS may run into. 


Do I have to keep the No Flap Ear Wrap on all day and all night?

When using our product it's best to keep the wrap on day and night until the affected area has either healed or the swelling is completely gone. We suggest you use it a few extra days after the site looks healed. This allows the compromised skin or surgical site to fortify even more. When a dog has an injured pinna a.k.a. earflap, any head shaking causes the ears to flap which forces blood down to to the compromised tissue of the ears. The purpose of the NFEW is to keep the ear in a natural position yet stop the flapping motion of the ears. Remember all it takes is one hard flapping motion to push the blood toward the hematoma or surgical site. 

Do they make the dogs head hot?

They actually keep them cooler than a bandage and gauzed wrapped head. The gauze and bandaging are wrapped tight. The NFEW fits snug but not tight. After some surgeries the ear is taped to the top of the head, with the NFEW the ear is allowed to hang normally. The best part is they are not trapped. You can remove it at your own discretion and scratch their heads for them etc. (however don't let them flap)  

Under what conditions do the NFEWs' wear out quickly?

We have had feedback from customers who have multiple pets. If your pets play rough and chew on things, it's best to keep the active chewers separated from the pups who are wearing the wrap.

Also if your pups spend time in a kennel made of chain link with a cement floor, the jersey knit will snag and rip because of all the little sharp barbs associated with chain link. If the pup has not been acclimated to the NFEW indoors, the constant rubbing on the cement floor will wear out every fabric. 

Do you refund?

We do refund the price of the wrap but not the shipping. We will also replace the wrap if there is a sewing flaw. Only U.S. customers at this time. 

My dog hates things on her head, it makes her nervous. How will this work for me? 

We suggest that you ease her into it. First get her used to the noise Velcro makes when you open and close it. Second, put it on and take it off a few times leaving it on longer each time. You can even give her a small treat each time you put it on. That will give her a connection that wearing the NFEW is a positive thing.  

Can you wash them?

Yes. We suggest that if washing in a machine that you make sure all velcro pieces are attached fully. (make sure the rough velcro is totally covered by the soft velcro to prevent snagging) You can line dry or dry on a very low heat setting. 

Are they made of just fabric?

  • The NFEW is not just fabric. It has a skeletal structure sewn in. There are flexible plastics sewn around the collar and face parts as well as two rigid yet flexible spines that run down the middle of the hat from front to back.