"I just want to share in my excitement about the No Flap Ear Wrap!!! I COULD NOT be more satisfied with this product. My very active boxer, Sasha, suffered an ear injury and was simply miserable with my vets alternative... Tape, the dreaded e-collar, sedatives, and more tape. She kept getting the tape off and started with an inner ear infection with needing the cone and all. The No Flap Ear Wrap is truly durable, breathable, and best of all can be removed to clean the ears easily. I'm a vet tech and our office will most definitely be using these for our future hematomas, pinna traumas, and more. The No Flap Ear Wrap stayed on my Sasha with no trouble at all. She was able to play, eat and sleep comfortably again. She is all healed up now and doing great"

-From your friends all the way in northern Indiana -Vet tech Crystal Sieradzki

This ear wrap is fantastic, so much better that Elasticon tape wrapped head, and it actually stays on at night. I am able to put the wrap on my Lab all by myself despite his painful ear. I highly recommend it to all and have recommended it to my pets Veterinarian, Kachina Animal Hospital in Dewey AZ. Roscoe now has a cauliflower ear, but thanks to the "NO FLAP EAR WRAP" he has healed without becoming a bloody ear mess. 

-Kathy Legue, Arizona

“Thank you so much!!! My cousin bought one from you and loves it. A friend of mine is fostering a rescue pit. I have a 9 year old pit named Jasmine. We introduced them and the foster attacked her and bit her around the head. She has a decent sized cut on her ear she won't stop scratching. My cousin Ashley who adopted a pit who was a bait dog recommended your product and I instantly had to buy.“

-Jonathon Hayes

“I wanted to thank you for the 'no flap ear wrap' you made us. It is helping tremendously in the recovery of our dog's ear surgery. The mesh one you made for us to allow more air flow which has been key for her continued recovery. Both our vet and the surgeon we have worked with to save Kimber's ear were impressed with your product and we passed along your brochure to them. Thank you!!”

-Don & Lynn Sandretzky Oregon City, Oregon

“I LUV the No Flap Ear Wrap! My black lab had a large hematoma at the bottom of the ear which had expanded to almost the top of the ear. The vet wanted to do surgery on the ear to remove the large clot (hematoma). Thank GOD I ran across your site and thought I would give it a try. It is working out FANTASTIC in reducing the shrinkage of the clot. I just visited the vet today and was told to keep doing what I have been because the blood clot (hematoma) is getting much smaller since I received the ear wrap. I can't thank you enough for the ear flap. It has saved surgical pain to my baby and with surgery there is always a chance of infection. Thank you so very, very much! I love your product so much I am ordering another one. One for home & play and one for dress up (visits to vet) I am so pleased and thankful I found this item. My babies Boo, Bear, Pup Pup and Daisy Mae would like to THANK YOU!! Thank you and GOD BLESS!"

-Beverly Darnell

“Love the No Flap Ear Wrap. My dog, Chewy, recently had ear surgery. Within two days she removed her bandages. She did that three times. Blood was everywhere. My vet suggested No Flap Ear Wrap. It stayed on a record eight days. Chewy was stumped, her ear healed and my house no longer looks like a crime scene. Thanks, Julie. You saved my carpeting and my sanity.”

-Roberta Sotonof

“Trudy is doing well! It has taken some time and tremendous effort, but she is finally stable. The "No Flap" was a huge help! It is a big hit at my vet's office. She has a certain "Amelia Earhart" look when she wears it!”


“My vet recommended I check out this site since I have a Boxer with recently healed ear flaps...I can't tell you how ironic I found it that your "Spokesdog" is also a Boxer. I have no idea how Pippa's ears split. One of them healed on it's own without me even realizing it had split, but the other was a nightmare to get to heal. I wish I had known about this product while I was in the midst of getting it to heal. I am so happy to see there is a helpful solution and will probably be placing an order in the near future. Thanks for creating such a great product!”

-Lisa Hansen

“Thank you so much for making the light denim for BRUNO you are so kind and thoughtful. The dogs shared the large biscuit and they say thanks. The hats came today. Perfect timing I had to take BRUNO in this morning to have surgery for his ear hematoma. I am so glad for your product I will not have the worry of his head shaking and causing injury post-surgery. Thanks again for your help and caring. Thanks to you and your brilliant creation, happy holidays “

-Lottie Gorenflo