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At No Flap™ Ear Wrap, we believe there is a better way to recover. Favorite activities like walks, running, playing ball, eating, sleeping and playful shenanigans with others dog can become restricted during recovery which can be confusing for your dog, causing depression and anxiety.
Our mission at No Flap™ Ear Wrap is to provide an experience that gives peace of mind and a bit of normalcy back to both you and your dog while healing. Founded in 2015, Julie, the inventor and creator, realized there had to be a less stressful, more gentle way to help during the healing process while avoiding re-injury, constant
re-bandaging and limiting daily activities. We are excited to help simplify this process for you while adding comfort and relief to your dog during recovery.
No Flap™ Ear Wrap, a catalyst for dogs to live, play and heal.