Healing Ears One Dog at a Time.

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Healing Ears One Dog at a Time.

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Healing Ears One Dog at a Time.

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Healing Ears One Dog at a Time.

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Healing Ears One Dog at a Time.

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Healing Ears One Dog at a Time.

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Pets’ ears are delicate and vascular. It can take weeks or longer to get an ear injury to heal because of the persistent ear flapping. This repetitive motion tends to reopen the injury by forcing blood down through the already compromised tissue. The No Flap Ear Wrap is designed with a sewn in skeletal system that encompasses a strong plastic spine, stopping the wrap from sliding back, keeping the ears in place. The cinch strap works together with the spines and skeletal framework, preventing the wrap from being pushed forward and pawed off, both important features that protect the ears during recovery. Browse our shop for more information on all our products, including the No Flap Ear Wrap, and to place an order.

Now THAT'S a Wrap

An up-close-and-personal look at NFEW's finest features

DOG No Flap Ear Wrap Denim
  • Decreases Healing Time

    The comfort & security of NFEW allows for easy application of medicines and speeds recovery.

  • No Slip

    Durable spines inserted into the wrap work in conjunction with the cinch strap keeping the NFEW securely in place, holding up to even the most persistent pawers.

  • Adjustable Sizing

    4-points of adjustable sizing ensure a comfortable and secure fit for every size or breed of fur friends.

  • Skeletal Structure

    One of a kind unique skeletal structure built and sewn throughout the wrap to help maintain it's shape

No Flap Ear Wrap

Meet No Flap Ear Wrap

Check out our new video to see how NFEW really works.

Common Uses for NFEW

Hematoma Healing

The most common cause of an ear hematoma in dogs or cats is an ear infection or other irritation within the ear. Ear infections cause irritation to the ear, resulting in shaking of the head which in turn causes the development of the hematoma which, in many cases, requires painful surgery and lengthy healing. NFEW improves healing and protects tender ears.

Ear Infections

Chronic ear infections can lead to permanent alterations in the anatomy of a dogs or cats ear, making future infections more likely and more difficult to treat. Using NFEW in conjunction with medication prescribed by your veterinarian has proven to speed up recovery time and prevent dogs from inflicting more damage due to irritation.

Cheat Grass Prevention

Whether you call them awns, mean seeds, timothy, foxtails, cheat grass, June grass, Downy Brome, or any other number of colloquial names, to dogs and cats they generally mean one thing, and that's trouble...those sharp ends allow the awn to penetrate into and through the skin and tissues of a dog or cat.


"I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback with a bad habit of flapping her ears ALL the time. She had small wounds on the tip of her floppy ears that could not heal because every time the wound scabbed she would break it open with her flapping. We got the No Flap Ear Wrap and after a week her wounds we're healed. Best part, she didn't seem to mind wearing it at all." 

"I used this wrap on my dog after she had a growth removed from the tip of her ear. After her surgery she kept shaking her head, causing the wound to open over and over again while simultaneously getting blood EVERYWHERE. We had to keep taking her back to the vet to be bandaged and watched for bleeding. Then, after some internet searches, I came across the No Flap Ear Wrap and decided to give it a shot. After I received it, I bandaged her ear up again, put the wrap on, and now she has been healing wonderfully!!! This wrap worked so well that I just had to to tell the vet about it so they could tell other people!!" 

"This is a must-have for any problems with ear injuries healing!! Our dog Shay had a scratch to her ear tip for 3 months. Every time she shook her head the scab flew off and the bleeding started up again. Within a week of using NFEW, her scab had become a scar and now she’s healed!! I LOVE this product and the wonderful customer service!!"

"Best product ever for healing ear injuries! Outstanding customer service! My Dalmatian, Hudson, would win the gold medal in the ear flapping Olympics. He had multiple ER bandages flapped off by the time we turned into our driveway! We are on day 5 of wearing the No Flap Ear Wrap. It has stayed on and his ears are healing! Best of all, it has not limited his normal activity and he can enjoy his daily walk in the park!"

"My sweet boy had to get surgery on, not one but, two ear hematomas (along with a tumor on his leg). He's resting so comfortably with his No Flap Ear Wrap. He HATED the bandages, they made him very hot and we had to re bandage multiple times over a couple days. So thankful for this product (and the awesome customer service) to get this to me quickly so my boy can be comfortable. I originally was having it shipped standard but quickly learned I would need it sooner and it was immediately changed to ensure it would arrive quickly. Highly recommend! Great product at an affordable price! 

"At 38 weeks pregnant, I was expecting the arrival of my daughter any day. However, instead of feeling joy and relaxation, I was terrified I would be bringing a newborn home to "crime scene" of blood. Micah had reopened a scab on his ear flap and NOTHING was stopping the bleeding and every time it "healed" he reopened it by flapping his ears. The vet tried cauterizing it to no avail and ended up doing the same HOT vet wrap on his head he came in with. Our vet recommended the NFEW and I ordered one while I was still there.  After wearing it for a week, Micah's ear was completely healed. NFEW was my saving grace! Thank you! We would recommend buying a kit so you have a backup when your primary is being cleaned.