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Is it necessary to measure my dog?

My dog just had surgery and has an e-collar and bandages on. I can’t get measurements, what should I do?

My dog has a large hematoma. Should I use the wrap to avoid surgery, or for post-surgery protection?

My dog has an ear infection which has caused a hematoma. Will your wrap be able to help us if they are prone to infections? We are concerned about airflow but would like to be able to stop the ears from flapping to help heal the hematoma?

My dog has an ear surgery scheduled in a week to remove a growth on his ear flap. There will be some stitching. Should I buy the NFEW early and get him use to it?

What keeps the wrap from sliding back over the ears, and or from being pawed forward and off the head?

Can my dog still wear his everyday collar along with the No Flap Ear Wrap?

Do I need to completely remove the wrap to apply medication to the ears?

Do I have to keep the No Flap Ear Wrap on all day and all night?

Do they make the dogs head hot?

Under what conditions do the NFEWs' wear out quickly?

My dog hates things on his/her head, it makes them nervous. How will this work for me?

What is the NFEW made of and are they washable?

My dog’s measurements do not fall within both the length and collar sizes that I need. Should I order the size that comes closest to it?

The E-collar/cone is driving my dog crazy. Would the No Flap Ear Wrap help?

What is the difference between the pinpoint mesh and the denim material?

Will the No Flap work on my Cat?