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Older Pups vs Hematomas

Older Pups vs Hematomas

Older Pups vs Hematomas

No Flap™ Ear Wrap is a great alternative for the older pups. Seniors, with age, may be more susceptible to things like hematomas, chronic ear infections, or a plethora of other ear maladies.

A good veterinarian will not perform surgery on an elderly pup unless it is life threatening. A hematoma is not life threatening. It is however, painful, annoying, messy and hard to deal with for both the dog and owner. 

The only viable choices have always been surgery, bandaging, and the Elizabethan cone. Both bandaging and the cone are escapable. (with the chance of causing more damage with each escape)

Should you be blessed with a dog that loves having things taped and wrapped to its head, you will never know the endless fun and joy of trying to keep a bandage on them. Nine times out of ten it’s impossible.

The treatment goes as follows: The Vet will either lance and quilt the ear or aspirate it with a syringe.The dog will usually have its ear inverted and taped to the top of his or her head. This is followed by more tape, gauze and more tape to hold the gauze in place.

When getting a re-check of the damaged ear, a lot of times, sticky tape and gauze has to be cut and pulled off of the dog, tape that has slid off the affected ear but is nonetheless still "stuck". This pulls out a lot of fur and can be very painful.  If the bothersome area does not meet the healing standards, the taping process is repeated. This can go on for sometimes weeks. (All the more endless fun and joy for both of you)

The point of all the tape and wrap is to keep the ear immobile. This will stop the blood flow to the ear flap. 

With the No Flap™,  your pup's ears can be left down in a natural position, no tape, easy access and they are not trapped 24/7 in a tight, sticky bandage.

Healing hematomas naturally or with aspiration can make healing a bit longer. With the No Flap™ you and your pup are not held hostage to bandages that need constant readjusting and day/night visits to your vet for new wrapping. YOU are in control, you can assess healing and your senior sweetheart can feel a bit more comfortable while healing. Peace of mind is during a stressful time is a beautiful thing for everyone involved. Making every day the best we can for our seniors is what it's all about.