Older Pups vs Hematomas

Older Pups vs Hematomas

No Flap Ear Wrap is a great alternative for the older pups.  They, with age, may be more susceptible to things like hematomas, chronic ear infections, cauliflower ear or a plethora of other ear maladies.

A good Veterinarian will not perform surgery on an elderly pup unless it is life threatening.  A hematoma is not life threatening.  It is however, painful, annoying, messy and hard to deal with for both the dog and owner.  I equate a hematoma to someone making you wear a 1lb. earring for weeks.  

The only viable choices have always been surgery, bandaging, and the Elizabethan cone. Both bandaging and the cone are escapable. (with the chance of causing more damage with each escape)

Should you be blessed with a dog that loves having things taped and wrapped to its head, you will never know the endless fun and joy of trying to keep a bandage on them.  Nine times out of ten it’s impossible.

The treatment goes as follows: The Vet will either lance and quilt the ear or aspirate it with a syringe.The dog will usually have its ear inverted and taped to the top of his or her head.  This is followed by more tape, gauze and more tape to hold the gauze in place. (Did anyone notice how many times the word tape was just used?) Some of this tape sticks to the poor pups’ fur and skin. Now stop and imagine someone folding your ear down and taping all around your head to keep it in place. Imagine how forcing the cartilage to stay painfully folded like that for weeks.

When getting a re-check of the damaged ear, the tape has to be cut and pulled off of the dog. This pulls out a lot of fur and can be very painful.  If the bothersome area does not meet the healing standards, the taping process is repeated. This can go on for sometimes weeks.  (All the more endless fun and joy for both of you)

The point of all the tape and wrap is to keep the ear immobile. This will stop the blood flow to the ear flap.  (causing more bloody swelling)

With our wrap, the pups ear can be left down in a natural position , no tape, easy access and they are not trapped 24/7 in a tight, sticky bandage.


  • My 10 year old dog has a ear hemotoma and i need to order one today, i will need it by Thursday as she is having surgery Fri morning, please call me to order one and get it out today- she is 75 Lbs 678-558-6683

    marge smith
  • My older dog of ~12 years got a hematoma and there was no way to stop him from shaking his head. I tried Ace bandage and the cone, but the bandage had to be replaced every time he moved around. The cone was completely ineffective at protecting the ear. I found this product online, and it worked like a dream. I took the information to my vet and everyone there was really interested because this is such a problem for so many of their clients.

    My dog didn’t really seem to mind wearing it, and it stayed on 99% of the time. The only time it slipped down was when he was doing some heavy rolling in the grass, but I only had to slide it back up. Other times he rolled, it stayed put. Also after coming home from working all day, it was still on. He wore it constantly for 2 weeks, and now he is healed. Thank you for this product!! I bought 2: one for outdoor use and one for indoor. It was worth every penny!

    Angie Brooks
  • The NFEW will do a great job of helping to prevent the flap from curling as it heals.

  • I have an 11 year old Dobermann with his first ear Hematoma, because of the sleekness of his head he has managed to get out of everything I have tried to keep wrapped round his ears.I am really hoping and praying this is the answer because I don’t want to risk surgery but sticking tape to his head is ripping out hairs and making him extremely uncomfortable!

  • I have a lab-pointer mix named Sam. He recently developed a large Aural Hematoma on his ear. He was treated by a Holistic vet who partially drained the fluid and also administered a steroid and special oils to be applied twice daily. The swelling temporarily subsided but then returned after about a week. Another vet stated he needs surgery which I want to avoid. Have large Aural Hematomas been successfully treated by using your wrap.

    Robert Clark

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