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Ear Infections.. for some a never ending battle

Ear Infections.. for some a never ending battle

There are three kinds of ear infections—otitis externa, media, and internal, affecting different parts of the canine ear. Signs and symptoms of ear infections include itching, odor, redness, swelling, pawing at ears and constant headshaking/ear flapping. Many things can cause an ear infection in your dog. Common causes are a foreign object, injury, viruses, bacteria, yeast/fungus, and allergies, just to name a few.

"The most important thing you can do as a dog owner is to identify the symptoms early and seek veterinary care."

We do not recommend at home treatments; the ears of canines are complex and extremely sensitive, early detection can prevent the infection from spreading to the middle and inner ear. Identifying infection early not only helps stop the infection from spreading, but you also are avoiding the all too common secondary issue, the hematoma. With increased itching, shaking of the ears, the risk of ear flap injuries also increases.

The No Flap™ Ear Wrap is an excellent recovery tool to help keep medicine in the ears, not all over the walls, when having to treat the ears with drops. Ears are protected from heavy, direct scratching and itching during recovery as well as kept secure eliminating flapping related injuries. There is no need to take the No Flap Ear Wrap off to administer drops, simply detach the chin Velcro lift the ear flap on the side with the affected ear, add drops, and reattach Velcro. Applying the medication and monitoring the ears is now a bit more comfortable and easier, for both you and your dog!

We recommend our Pinpoint Mesh for ear infection treatment as it’s our most lightweight and breathable material. If you have a hardy scratcher, a dog that really can get the “air guitar” hind leg going, we recommend the No Flap Ear Wrap Denim/Pinpoint Mesh Combo Kit. Ears can be very itchy for the first few days of treatment. Apply the denim wrap during the most active itching and determined behavior. Rotate with the Pinpoint Mesh when itching has subsided, during restful times, merging into it full time until your veterinarian gives you the OK and the infection has cleared.