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For Hounds and dog with longer ears

For Hounds and dog with longer ears

With the long eared group you run into dogs like Bassets, Bloodhounds, Coonhounds, Afgans, Cockers and Setters just to name a few. 

Our wraps are designed to stop the flapping from the head out. 

If they can't flap those long gorgeous ears they can't draw the blood to the ear tips. 

Those of you who have these furry kids know that it is almost like a propeller spinning. You can actually feel the breeze. 

With the long eared breeds, their ears are likely to not be completely contained in the side pockets of our wraps, but rest assured even if the long ear tips hang out a bit, they still can't get the momentum going that will draw the blood into the compromised tissue or through the possible ear tip injury.  





Jul 10, 2018 • Posted by Jill Cyphers

I have a weimaraner with long ears and I ordered a medium size but it does not surround the entire ear in length (after surgery) Should I order a large for replacement? His measurements are neck 17 1/2 and length 9".

Jul 09, 2018 • Posted by Jessica

Hi, My cocker spaniel has chronic ear infections, and currently a particularly bad one that isn’t responding to antibiotics. We live in a humid environment. I’m wondering if this could be useful to help with ear infections and improve air flow into the ear. Thanks!

Feb 24, 2018 • Posted by Carly S-B

Ok, this sort of answers my question, I have a chocolate lab and just purchased this, but her floppy ears hang out of the space between the collar part and the head part a little bit, so that will be ok then I suppose? The ears won’t fully sit inside the head wrap part if they’re hang-y?

Dec 29, 2017 • Posted by Shannan Campbell

I got a 84 pound lab, that needs a no ear flap im just wonder large or x large.

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