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"Mean Seeds"

"Mean Seeds"

When it comes to our pets, we want them to enjoy nature, but we also need to protect them from parts of it.  

“Mean seeds” include awns, Canadian wild rye, cheat grass, downy brome, foxtail barley, June grass, timothy and many others. These seeds are designed to burrow into hard soil. This would also include any of the grass burr and sticker burr family as they are the obnoxious cousins of the “Mean seed” family. Here at No Flap Ear Wrap, we have many customers who buy our wraps to specifically protect the ears from these heartless seeds.

These “Mean Seeds” and other family members, all carry boarding passes and view everything else as a party bus to their next destination. They attach to soft clothing, hair, fur etc.

Where they can attach to your pet, they can also permeate the skin and travel under the tissue. As an example, should one attach to the fur around your pet’s paws, it can then permeate the tissue and travel exiting the elbow causing pain and destruction the whole way. 

Where most pets don’t have apposing thumbs, they cannot hold a brush, comb or operate tweezers. (barring the ape family, opossums, the panda family, some frogs and reptiles, and maybe raccoons) It is up to us as their caretakers to check them thoroughly after they come inside after a day of romping and rollicking.

Our pets are at risk all over their bodies. Especially the eyes, ears, nose, throat. These are the most vulnerable ports of entry for the “Mean seeds”. They board some of these areas while the pets are sniffing their way through the brush. If a pet is running and panting, they board the inhaled breath and attach to the throat.

Our suggestions to prevent these “Mean seeds” from boarding are:

Avoid walking your pet or letting them run through dry weeded areas.

For the pets with longer curlier fur, have your groomer give them a field cut just before the grass seeding season.

Check them over thoroughly after they have been out of doors for anything that may have attached to them. If they are rubbing or scratching a particular spot even after you have checked, check again. If you are not sure, check with your Veterinarian.

The Denim and Pinpoint Mesh No Flap™ Ear Wraps are excellent choices and provide protection for the ears. Denim is our most robust and hardy material. Pinpoint Mesh is our most lightweight and breathable fabric. If your pup loves the outdoors and lives in a climate that is warm and humid the Pinpoint Mesh would be the best option.