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Moisture in the ears

Moisture in the ears

If you have a dog who loves to swim or a dog with extra furry ears, a problem you might encounter is moisture buildup in their ear canals. There are some dogs who don’t ever swim, hate to bath who are still prone to moisture buildup due to heredity.

The problem with said moisture is, it can be a breeding ground for a wealth of yeast and bacteria. This buildup of yeast and bacteria can cause an ear infection. Ear infections in our pets can also be caused by mites and allergies they might be plagued with.

Moisture buildup and allergies can also present a third problem. From excess scratching, flapping and rubbing they can weaken the main vein in the pinna/ear flap causing a hematoma. (blood filled pocket) You need to stop the flapping so the broken vein will quit forcing blood into the pinna/ear flap causing it to literally balloon out. The ears also need to air out due to the moisture that started the whole thing. The only way to stop the flapping is to keep the ear immobile. The way to keep them static is to wrap them. Wrapping them with a stick to itself gauze type product might work, but the moisture still has no escape. And, nine times out of ten, the pup can unwrap it record time. It can be a vicious cycle.

 If you are prescribed antibacterial or anti-fungal drops, you will find it hard to keep the drops in your dog’s ear as they want to shake them out immediately. No Flap Ear Wrap can help keep the drops in the ear canal to let them do their work. We suggest you put the drops in, quickly attach the wrap and remove it after 15-30 minutes. (whatever your Veterinarian suggests) Also if your dog has an abundance of hair in the ear canal, removing it also helps air flow. You, your Vet, or a good groomer can help with periodic hair removal.

 We have found that you can ask your Veterinarian about a powder such as one called Neo-Predef or as some of our customers have tipped us off to, a calamine based powder called Monkey Butt for ladies (cut with cornstarch not talc)  and one called Miracle Care R-7 powder. Please do not pour any powders directly into your dog's ears or ear canals. Simply roll a large or jumbo size cotton ball in the powder of your veterinarians choice, using our NFEW, simply place the powder covered ball at the top of the ear canal (don’t insert it or push it deep into the ear canal) and attach the wrap. This should be done at least four times per day to wick the moisture away.