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Information for veterinary clinics and hospitals

Information for veterinary clinics and hospitals

Doctors and technicians, thank you for your interest in our product!

As you well know our pets become a very integral part of our families and in some cases many of us tend to humanize them. This is not always a bad thing. Many dog owners will actively dress them in the latest canine fashion, spoil them with lots of toys and treats etc.

When parenting either a human baby or a furry baby, the worst thing that can happen is an injury requiring medical attention and aftercare. As humans we hate seeing pain or suffering of any kind when it comes to our family members, especially our children. It is hard to see them struggle to remove the protection applied by the doctor, pace nervously, whimper and cry, struggle to eat and drink and in some cases slow way down in normal activity and personality due to sedatives to prevent all of the above.

In some extreme cases, owners of the furry babies will actively remove all protections at the slightest protest made by their babies. These are the clients we as well as yourselves will see and hear from too many times. We actively try to calm these customers with educating them to the fact that if the ear is set free based on a couple of days of complaining by the patient, the damage may increase ten fold requiring more invasive actions. We explain that eventually (usually 2-3 days) the pup will acclimate to the wearing of some gentle head gear and get about his or her normal activity. 

We cater to a large number of customers with senior dogs that have a age related health risks and surgery is a less than desirable option. 

If you are curious as to how No Flap™ Ear Wrap will help your patients, here is some information that might help you;

The No Flap™ is designed with a skeletal structure sewn in place to prevent sliding back and exposing the ear. It features a cinch strap on the back of the neck that when snug, prevents the wrap from being pawed forward and off.

As always, we tell our customers to follow their veterinarian's advice and healing plan first and foremost. 

The E-collar may be a necessary adjunct due to the severity of the injury or surgery but the NFEW can also be worn in conjunction with the E-collar. In many cases the E-collar can be avoided altogether.

What the NFEW does for your patients:

  • Allows the pinna to remain in a natural position
  • It fits snug but not as tight as a tape and gauze wrapped head allowing for natural hearing as the damaged ear is not taped shut. It also allows a normal field of vision with no obstruction to the periphery.
  • Ease of access to the wound or surgical site by detaching the chin velcro and lifting wrap ear flaps for rechecks, applying topical and drop medicines with ease.
  • No sticky tape resulting in fur loss when having to remove it to check the site.
  • Helps maintain calm vs the nervousness created by the E-collar for both the dog and the owner. 
  • Each wrap has the potential to fit three different head and neck sizes. Some dogs have a larger girth to the face and neck but a shorter length. The XL- S/M size wrap is designed with 5" of play around the collar and face and 2" in length. It can be custom fit to each individual dog. (*size small collar has 4" of adjustment and XS 3" of adjustment)

Fabric choices depend on the dogs temperament and age. For example:

  • Denim is suggested for the younger dogs or dogs that are very active outdoors. It is our most durable fabric. The younger dogs will actively try to escape anything on their heads for a longer period of time.
  • Pinpoint Mesh, a veterinarian favorite, is a good choice for dogs that are prone to ear infections, live in warmer more humid climates as it is our most breathable and light weight fabric, a wonderful choice for longer healing plans that require the most airflow.

We invite you to our FAQ on this website. We also encourage you to visit our Facebook page and Instagram page linked to this website where we have customer feedback that includes veterinarians, vet technicians, and everyday customers. We are available for wholesale pricing through all major veterinary distributors.  

Older Pups vs Hematomas

Older Pups vs Hematomas

Older Pups vs Hematomas

No Flap™ Ear Wrap is a great alternative for the older pups. Seniors, with age, may be more susceptible to things like hematomas, chronic ear infections, or a plethora of other ear maladies.

A good veterinarian will not perform surgery on an elderly pup unless it is life threatening. A hematoma is not life threatening. It is however, painful, annoying, messy and hard to deal with for both the dog and owner. 

The only viable choices have always been surgery, bandaging, and the Elizabethan cone. Both bandaging and the cone are escapable. (with the chance of causing more damage with each escape)

Should you be blessed with a dog that loves having things taped and wrapped to its head, you will never know the endless fun and joy of trying to keep a bandage on them. Nine times out of ten it’s impossible.

The treatment goes as follows: The Vet will either lance and quilt the ear or aspirate it with a syringe.The dog will usually have its ear inverted and taped to the top of his or her head. This is followed by more tape, gauze and more tape to hold the gauze in place.

When getting a re-check of the damaged ear, a lot of times, sticky tape and gauze has to be cut and pulled off of the dog, tape that has slid off the affected ear but is nonetheless still "stuck". This pulls out a lot of fur and can be very painful.  If the bothersome area does not meet the healing standards, the taping process is repeated. This can go on for sometimes weeks. (All the more endless fun and joy for both of you)

The point of all the tape and wrap is to keep the ear immobile. This will stop the blood flow to the ear flap. 

With the No Flap™,  your pup's ears can be left down in a natural position, no tape, easy access and they are not trapped 24/7 in a tight, sticky bandage.

Healing hematomas naturally or with aspiration can make healing a bit longer. With the No Flap™ you and your pup are not held hostage to bandages that need constant readjusting and day/night visits to your vet for new wrapping. YOU are in control, you can assess healing and your senior sweetheart can feel a bit more comfortable while healing. Peace of mind is during a stressful time is a beautiful thing for everyone involved. Making every day the best we can for our seniors is what it's all about.

Ear Infections.. for some a never ending battle

Ear Infections.. for some a never ending battle

There are three kinds of ear infections—otitis externa, media, and internal, affecting different parts of the canine ear. Signs and symptoms of ear infections include itching, odor, redness, swelling, pawing at ears and constant headshaking/ear flapping. Many things can cause an ear infection in your dog. Common causes are a foreign object, injury, viruses, bacteria, yeast/fungus, and allergies, just to name a few.